Acidalkali resistant conveyor belt

For acid and alkali contact with the working environment, such as phosphate fertilizer manufacturing, sea salt. Cover rubber rubber blending and excellent acid and alkali inert materials, than the chloroprene rubber acid conveyor belt performance better. The skeleton material uses the polyester canvas, is more reliable than the cotton core acid and alkali resistance performance, generally makes the circular conveyer belt.
The acid and alkali resistant of the acid and alkali resistant conveyer belt coveing layer is as the following table:
Classification Immersion solution Density Soaking condition
Soak the rate of change of front and back performance
Volume expansion rate Change rate of strength
A1 HCL 18% 50℃×96h +10% Following -10% within
A2 H2SO4 50% 50℃×96h +10% Following -10% within
A3 NaOH 48% 50℃×96h +10% Following -10% within
The performance of acid and alkali resistant conveyer belt is as the following table:
Type Break the intensity /Mpa≥ Break extension rate /%≥ abrasion value /mm³≤ Hardness
Performance before wearing out 14.0 400 250 60
Performance after wearing out 12.0 340      -- 65
Note:When the thickness of the cover layer is 0.8-1.6mm, the thickness of the sample can be cut out of the maximum thickness, at this time, tensile strength and elongation at break to allow the table less than 15%。


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