Heat resistant conveyor belt

High temperature conveyor belt is mainly used for conveying high temperature materials, such as sinter, hot coke cement clinker, hot castings. According to the heat damage and loss of transport capacity of the main performance and different heat-resistant level, respectively, using EPDM or styrene-butadiene rubber to do plastic cover; high strength and high permeability polyester canvas or cotton canvas to do strong layer. Between the cover and the skeleton layer can be laying heat-resistant glass cloth, in order to improve the service life of heat-resistant belt. According to customer requirements, can be made with a ring.
Project The type
T1 T2 T3 T4
The scope of changing
hardness The difference between after aging and before aging /Mpa +20 +20 +20 +20
After aging’s maximum value /Mpa 85
Tensile strength Mpa before aging’s minimum value /Mpa 12 10 5 5
Performance of changing rate /% ﹣25 ﹣30 ﹣40 ﹣40
Elongation at break After aging’s changing rate /% ﹣50 ﹣50 ﹣55 ﹣55
After aging’s minimum value  /% 200 200 180 180
T1:Could be resistant less than 100℃ test temperature.
T2:Could be resistant less than 125℃ test temperature.
T3:Could be resistant less than 150℃ test temperature.
T4:Could be resistant less than 175℃ test temperature.
   The choice of the most suitable conveyor belt depends not only on the thermal strain, but also on the chemical mechanical stress.
The temperature of the conveyed material and the surface temperature of the tape are changed according to the composition, the nature, the surface structure and the number of grains of the material. For example, when the temperature of bulk material is 150 ℃ (coke or sintered ore) and the particle contact area Hour, the tape surface temperature can be maintained at 60 ℃ -80 ℃; However, when the delivery of cement powder, the material temperature and tape surface temperature difference is very small; the life of the heat-resistant tape by the surface temperature of the tape is quite severe, And affect the cover off the block rubber, with core delamination. Therefore, when the choice of tape, taking into account the tape surface temperature is extremely important, as well as ambient temperature, the tape can return fully cooled, belt speed and the distance from the center is worth noting; thicker plastic cover is to ensure that the tape has a longer Life of the important conditions.


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