Nylon and polyester conveyor belt

Nylon is rubber industry at present all synthetic fiber performance in one of the best varieties, its latitude and longitude structure to all of polyamide fiber preparation, USES the most popular varieties, the most prominent feature of it is a good abrasion resistance, good strength, good fatigue resistance, nylon canvas conveyor belt with a thin belt body, high strength, impact resistance, good into a groove, the interlayer bonding strength, excellent flexing and long service life, etc, suitable for long distance, high capacity, high speed transmission under the condition of material, widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, ports and other working environment.
Polyester, nylon conveyor belt (EP) conveyor belt in addition to the many advantages, but also has small elongation, good resistance to water, wet strength does not reduce the unique advantages of this for the long distance transmission and wet conditions is particularly important.
Physical and mechanical property of cover layer:
Property level of cover layer Tensile strength≥ Tensile yield≥ Abrasion value≤
  Mpa % mm3
H 24.0 450 120
D 18.0 400 100
L 15.0 350 200
Tensile property of through thickness:
a. The longitudinal tensile strength is not lower than the following nominal value:
315 400 500 600 630 8OO 9OO 1000N/mm
b. The total thickness elongation rate of the belt should not less than 10%, the reference force elongation rate of total thickness should no more than 4%.
c. Straightness: no more than 25mm.
d. plunger bond strength:
Index Description  Strength between layers   Cover layer and fabric layer
Thickness of cover layer≤1.5mm Thickness of cover layer >1.5mm
Sample average value 4.5N/mm 3.2N/mm 3.5N/mm


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